As food moves from farm to table, it is necessary to ensure that it is devoid of any physical, chemical or biological hazard, meets the demands of quality and complies with the regulatory standards.

At VIMTA, we offer a complete range of testing services, to ensure the safety and quality of your production. Our state of the art laboratory is NABL accredited, and is also an approved National Reference Lab by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for testing of water and beverages. Our comprehensive range of testing and inspection services for all product categories including water and beverages, bakery and confectionary, ready to eat food items, condiments, additives, proprietary foods etc. We also offer testing solutions for Nutraceuticals, Herbals, and Dietary supplements.

With the largest network of 7 Labs across India, VIMTA can efficiently process large sample volumes every day for thousands of test parameters while offering a rapid turnaround time. Having an experience of more than 3 decades, we have been pioneers in introducing many industry first practices, and are equipped to offer you in-depth expertise in addressing challenges associated with food industry. We have been trusted for the credibility of our analysis for pesticide residues in beverages, heavy metals in packaged food products; and have prestigious projects like the National Milk Quality Survey to our credit.

Our area of expertise has constantly evolved in line with the changing trends, and the analysis performed at VIMTA is highly credible and sought after.

At VIMTA, we have seamlessly served more than 25000 customers from more than 45 countries for various test requirements. We have been preferred testing partners for many leading organizations in the food and beverages sector, for our state of the art instrumentation, fast turnaround time, and accurate and reliable results; and have been the first choice for many regulators and the Indian Court of Law, owing to our deep understanding of the regulatory environment.

At VIMTA, we fully understand the challenges you face, and are equipped to offer highest standards of laboratory services for food products in the country. We aim to provide an unrivalled experience to help your business carve a niche for itself in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace.