Specialty Chemicals

The chemical industry plays a pivotal role in the agricultural and industrial development as it forms an important constituent of many downstream and end-use application industries. Specialty chemicals is a wide umbrella that encompasses a range of chemicals used for various functions.  Broadly speaking, they may be specialty polymers, industrial and institutional cleaners, electronic chemicals, paint and dyes, surfactants, flavour and fragrances, and many more. Their functions and usage are also as diverse as their categories; however, each specialty chemical serves a definitive performance or functional need and has a narrow range of application.

Since the utility of a specialty chemical largely depends upon its functional attribute; it becomes important to assess it physico-chemical properties and their role in end-use applications. It is also essential to evaluate it for any adverse effect on health and possible environmental health hazards.

At VIMTA, we offer a comprehensive testing for diverse portfolio of specialty chemicals. With over three decades of experience, we have been offering test solutions for physico-chemical characterization and active ingredients to help verify the quality, safety, performance and sustainability of products.

We also offer testing for trace metal analysis and chemical residue analyses to ensure that the product complies with optimal performance standards; while our expertise in toxicological risk assessment helps in ruling out any possible health hazards.

Our laboratory is GLP compliant, thus ensuring that our data points are globally accepted for regulatory submissions. Our state of the art instrumentation and scientific and technical capabilities ensure that each test result is generated with utmost accuracy and precision.  Our high throughput laboratory processes large sample volumes every day.

With VIMTA, you can be assured of our high quality services that help your business deliver products which comply with standard norms and enable you to deliver completely safe products for use by the end user.