Environment, Health & Safety

A clean and healthy environment is the very basis of human life. Over the years, the environment that sustains life has also posed threat due to increased risk of contaminants. With increasing urbanization and industrialization, Government initiatives to boost Special Economic Zones and Smart Cities; the need to make the business processes more sustainable has also grown manifold. Though this has led to formulation of increasingly tightened norms for protection of environment and its inhabitants, it has also resulted in a significant upsurge in environmental health testing.

At VIMTA, we understand the increasing complexity of challenges you face while trying to assess the impact your business may have on immediate environment and life associated with it. Our Environment division has always been at the forefront of providing full spectrum of services for sustainable development and maintenance of various industrial segments, while ensuring regulatory compliances. With close to four decades of unmatched experience in environmental analysis and regulatory expertise, state of the art instrumentation and scientific acumen; we offer customized solutions designed specifically to address your specific needs.

We offer comprehensive testing and consulting solutions in all the domains related to EHS and cater to diverse needs of industry, pollution control agencies and regulatory authorities. Our service portfolio consists of Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Clearance, and Compliance Monitoring and testing services for almost all the industrial sectors. We also offer curated solutions for industrial health and hygiene, and waste management, to help you improve the quality of your built environment. Our service offerings also extend to niche areas such as wildlife conservation, ecotoxicology, offshore sampling, and indoor air quality monitoring.

Our consulting solutions have helped our customers in varied domains such as preparation of feasibility reports, clean-up strategies, remediation plans, formulation of strategies and action plan, and implementation of CSR initiatives. Our analytical capabilities in environmental testing, control and risk mitigation are packaged to address regulatory requirements and incorporate stringent quality components, regardless of the project scope.

VIMTA is accredited by NABL and NABET, and is the first environmental laboratory to be recognized under the Environment Protection Act 1986 by the Ministry of Environment and Forests & Climate Change, Government of India. Our in-house environmental chemistry laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as ICPMS, ICP-AES, AAS, TOC Analyzer, Ion Chromatographs, GC-MS with purge and trap and head space sampling, GCFID & ECD, LC-MS/MS, HR-GC/MS and many more. Our specialist team consists of experienced and trained professionals from diverse domains – environmental science, engineering, ecology, environmental chemistry, meteorology, social planning, geo and hydro-geology and environmental planning; and is equipped to help you with every aspect of your environmental responsibilities.

Over the last four decades, we have successfully conducted close to 900 Environmental Impact assessment (EIA) studies, and worked for more than 100 leading industrial groups, both national and international. VIMTA has been the preferred testing and consulting partner for various prestigious projects such as Taj Trapezium, pollution monitoring for Ganga stretch, pre and post satellite launch for Chandrayan at SHAR, environment assessment for various airports, Offshore Monitoring and many more.

At VIMTA, our purpose is to help you incorporate sustainable business practices, and meet regulatory obligations while preserving environment and protecting health of people at large due to environmental hazards.