Home & Personal Care

The last few years have witnessed a tremendous growth in the home and personal care segment primarily due to increased product categories and launch of new brands targeting micro and niche segments. With evolving consumer preferences; the industry has also seen an increasing affinity towards products which are skin friendly and eco-friendly, focus on natural ingredients, and embrace sustainable practices.

While safety and quality are paramount for the manufacturers of home and personal care products; end consumers are increasingly demanding proof of quality, compliance and efficacy, from raw materials to finished products. This necessitates that the products are tested and certified.

We at VIMTA test a range of products for various parameters in the home and personal care category. We have established methods for testing for wide range of parameters, including active ingredients, shelf life, claim studies, stability, and alternatives to animal studies.

With numerous product choices available to the end consumer, we at VIMTA ensure that the products you offer are safe, effective, and compliant with the norms of quality and applicable regulations. Our testing solutions also help in supporting product claims for packaging and advertising through robust scientific evidences to ensure customer satisfaction. Working with the leading players in the segment, we have offered our services to many category leaders.