The Indian agricultural sector has been a key contributor to India’s growth story for manifold reasons – direct consumption in domestic markets, raw material in many agro-based industries, and its export potential. Growing complexities in the supply chain, increased usage of pesticides, disposal of untreated industrial waste and lack of adoption of Good Agricultural Practices, have often posed a greater risk for contamination of agricultural products at the beginning of the supply chain.

Stringent safety regulations and quality compliance norms for agricultural commodities, coupled with rising consumer awareness and affinity towards brands with sustainable practices have necessitated the importance of agricultural testing. This is further fuelled by huge export opportunity; that requires producers to be updated on global demand trends, safety standards to be maintained and quality compliance norms to be adhered in cultivation, post-harvest processing and its further movement across the supply chain. In order to ensure compliance with parameters set by various regulatory authorities, agricultural testing is increasingly being adopted as an essential pre-emptive measure.

At VIMTA, we have been operating at most stages of the agricultural product journey. With our deep understanding of market conditions, and regulatory requirements, we have been providing seamless support to our clients for exports to various global markets; while our product experience have helped them strengthen their monitoring program.

With a wide network of 7 Labs, VIMTA is equipped to handle large sample volumes while offering a fast turnaround time. Our Ultra Trace Analysis Lab is designed as per CODEX guidelines and offers state of the art technology to detect and identify trace contaminants. The Analytical Lab for pesticide residues is the only GLP certified lab for commercial testing in India.

The pesticide analysis service offered by VIMTA for confirming Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) is the most comprehensive of its kind, offering a robust mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis, in accordance with various regulatory requirements. Our testing methodology analyses 700+ pesticides, 10+ mycotoxins and heavy metals; and tests for both organic and non-organic products in accordance with country specific guidelines and regulations. VIMTA also offers specialized pesticide testing services for export to EU Markets, requiring screening for 470+ pesticides. Our services for pesticide residues analyses are most sought after in the country.

At VIMTA, we fully understand the challenges you face, and are equipped to offer the highest standards of laboratory services for agri products.  With our rich experience of more than two decades, state of the art technologies, innovative and customized solutions; we aim to provide an unrivalled experience to help your business carve a niche for itself in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace.