The nutraceutical industry has evolved significantly over the past two decades. Encompassing three main segments – dietary supplements, functional foods and herbal or natural products; the industry has been an interesting amalgamation of scientific principles and growing interest of consumers in health enhancing foods. We have also witnessed an increasing demand of various fortified foods in diverse categories ranging from dairy products to bakery and confectionery, snacks, cereals, baby food and many more. Over a period of time, the research and development teams have also discovered novel nutraceuticals and fine-tuned processing technologies.

The rapid growth of the industry is primarily attributed to rise in number of health conscious consumers, who look for specific ingredients in the products they consume. In wake of Covid-19 pandemic, the industry has seen a further boost due to intensified focus of people on preventive health measures.

However, changing regulatory environment, coupled with consumers demand for quality and safety have laid increasing emphasis on verification of health claims of products and its regulatory compliance.

At VIMTA, we understand that your nutraceuticals and dietary supplements are as important as pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices; and testing for them follows the same standards of quality compliance and regulatory adherence. With over two decades of experience in testing for nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, our service offering ranges from basic to most advanced, and spans the entire product life cycle – from product development to its progress to market and beyond.

Our range of testing solutions help ensure that each product is compliant with needs of quality, safety and efficacy. We also offer comprehensive testing solutions to inspect the products for adulteration and contamination, unverified ingredients, health claims, shelf life, etc.