Crop Care

The rapid growth in human population has also triggered an agricultural intensification, thus leading to a significant increase in use of agrochemicals for maximizing the crop yield and addressing the growing food demands. Since chemicals used for crop care may directly or indirectly enter the food supply chain, it is important to use the right combination of chemicals within permissible limits; however, its indiscriminate use has resulted in adverse health impacts over a period of time. Over the last few years, there have been noticeable concerns about the usage of these chemicals possibly causing teratogenicity, and impacting endocrine disruptor and many other physiological functions.  Lack of awareness and advanced technologies at the end users and consumers warrants the need for testing of these crop protection chemicals.

At VIMTA, we offer an extremely diverse portfolio of testing solutions for actives, end-use products (EUPs) and generics. Our comprehensive range of analytical services include analytical characterization and determination of physico-chemical properties, chemistry support services and complete range of toxicity studies. Our state of the art facility has dedicated laboratories for each area of study.

Over last three decades, we have supported our clients for their diverse data requirements including product discovery and development, pre-clinical safety evaluation and risk assessment, while helping them in registration and development of new and existing ingredients and formulations. Our facilities are GLP compliant and AAALAC accredited, and our study programs are designed in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the intended markets. This ensures a study’s suitability for submission to respective regulatory authorities.

Our highly experienced and cross functional team of scientists includes toxicologists, biochemists, veterinary professionals and biostatisticians, who helps us integrate scientific, technical and regulatory expertise and offer a one stop solutions to our clients.

Equipped with complete laboratory and animal facilities, we also offer testing for environmental studies, residue analysis, endocrine disruptor studies and alternatives to animal studies. So far, we have supported various agrochemicals in different stages of testing requirements and offered end-to-end solutions to a range of agrochemicals.