Water & Beverages

The global beverages industry is growing each year with the introduction of various emerging product categories such as vitamin fortified water, anti-aging water; and addition of new products in existing categories. Whereas factors as temperature and presence of nutrients may lead to microbial contamination; the presence of additives and preservatives may impact the taste and drinking quality of the beverages.

Since water is an important constituent for the beverage industry; maintaining high standards of quality compliance and using water of appropriate grade are essential for ensuring the quality of beverages. Stringent testing approach for water and the ingredients is therefore essential to track contamination and adulteration, and ensure quality compliance and adherence to regulatory standards.

With a wide network of 8 Labs, VIMTA is a high throughput laboratory with a fast turnaround time.  Having an experience of over three decades.

We have been offering full spectrum of globally recognized testing solutions for the water and beverages industry including physico-chemical analysis, radioactivity, pesticides, nutrients and others. Our state of the art laboratory is NABL accredited, and is also an approved National Reference Lab by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for testing of water and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

We have been pioneers in introducing many industry first practices in the segment and have supported Industry and Standards body to bring revised national standards for packaged drinking water and beverages, and contributed successfully for AOAC 2007.08 and 2007.09

At VIMTA, we fully understand the challenges faced by the industry and are equipped to offer highest standards of laboratory services for water and beverages testing in the country. Our testing solutions help in protecting the quality, safety and integrity of the beverages while improving the acceptability of product amongst the consumers.