Packaging has always been an integral part of many industries serving a wide variety of functions. While packaging makes it easy to handle the products and protects them from external contamination and tampering; it has a direct bearing on many factors such as quality, safety, and shelf life to name a few. Packaging material could itself be a source of possible contamination on being in direct contact with drug product, active ingredient, medical device, food, and beverage thus potentially compromising product safety.

Whereas the global food and beverages industry is at the tipping point of a business transformation owing to increasing regulatory pressures on sustainability and shifting consumer preferences towards environment friendly and biodegradable packaging of food products, the pharmaceutical industry has also been constantly updating its guidelines to ensure that packaging is completely inert, viable and compatible. This implies that the testing standards and processes must be continuously updated to keep pace with the changes in market needs and regulatory environment.

At VIMTA, we offer a complete range of testing solutions for packaging and container evaluations to help you ensure that the packaging materials comply with applicable guidelines and regulations, while assessing its suitability for use with the given product throughout the shelf life. We also test for packaging materials in accordance with latest USP requirements – USP 661.1 and USP 666.2.

VIMTA is a pioneer in India to offer customized protocol driven Extractables and Leachables testing services to help you ensure that your product is completely safe. We also offer overall migration studies using different stimulants along with specific migration studies for metals and various organic compounds. Our cGMP compliant facility offers a robust mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and has a proven track record of detecting even ultra-trace levels of contaminations.

Our multi-disciplinary scientific team is well versed with various regulatory guidelines and standards, in addition to having decades of experience in analytical and physical chemistry, and carrying out studies for biocompatibility, toxicological risk assessment, shelf life evaluation, packaging screening and many others. Our laboratory is equipped to handle high sample volumes while offering a rapid turnaround time.