The complexity in drug development process has increased manifold over the past few years. In recent times, the overarching goal is not limited to introducing novel drugs, but also offering more efficient and safer treatment options to patients in existing therapeutic categories.

As the Pharmaceutical industry evolves constantly to keep pace with the changing market dynamics and regulatory compliances; advances in cell and gene therapies and new categories of emerging biologics have been driving an evolutionary change in the CRO industry as well. Though the process of drug research and development is well defined, drug development programs are fundamentally different for each product; thus making it crucial to select a right partner with proven scientific rigor, state-of-the-art analytical technologies and highly advanced capabilities.

At VIMTA, we are dedicated to provide the best and most reliable end-to-end testing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, spanning complete product development cycle – ranging from discovery to preclinical/early development, clinical research and development, approvals, and testing for packaging.

Equipped with most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical technologies, we offer an integrated service platform to effectively serve the needs of both small and large molecule developers, which can be tailored to specific research conditions. With secured databases and firewalled teams, we ensure complete project confidentiality. We also offer customer-specific contract labs tuned to 24/7 operations. Our stringent quality controls, culture of compliance to Quality Management Systems, adherence to safety requirements, accreditations and strong regulatory track record, investment in highly trained experts, coupled with our experience, expertise and customer-centric approach has earned us a reputation of being the most preferred and trusted partner for many global pharmaceutical leaders.

With VIMTA, you can be assured of stringent quality compliance at each stage. We are one of the few labs to be accredited by GMP, GCP and GLP; and have an in-house laboratory for pathology services, which is NABL and CAP accredited. Our facility for pre-clinical services is AAALAC certified. At VIMTA, our strong regulatory track record has been a testimony to our quality compliance initiatives, and we have been successfully audited by 70+ regulatory audits and undergone 30+ regulatory inspections, including USFDA, EU, WHO, ANVISA, NRPA, and MHRA.

Our high throughput laboratory can support your clinical trials with the capacity to process large sample volumes quickly, support studies with short set up timelines and provide rapid turnaround times. We offer an unmatched capability to customize testing to your trial’s exact needs, together with the scalability to manage trials of any size. Patient-centricity is at the core of each clinical trial undertaken by us.

With expertise in analysing market trends, handling lab challenges, and data consolidation for regulatory requirements; we offer solutions that make a difference across diverse therapeutic areas. We are amongst few global players who offer largest and most diverse portfolio of testing solutions along with being pioneers in many domains.

With a robust team of over 1100+ scientists and industry seasoned professionals, adherence to timeliness and accuracy at each stage of development; you can rely on VIMTA to provide you with the scientific acumen and deep resources needed for reliable and reproducible results. We have provided end-to-end services to a range of molecules while assisting others in different stages of development. When you work with VIMTA, you are supporting a team with strong ethics and principles, a team that is dedicated to your success and the safety of the end user of your products.