Toxicological Risk Assessments

Since we are exposed to a large number of chemicals daily, either directly or indirectly, it is important to evaluate the toxicity of individual chemical constituents and predict possible human exposure risks. Further, it is also necessary to evaluate that the packaging material does not exhibit any toxic properties. At VIMTA, our toxicological risk assessment (TRA) gathers possible toxicity data and helps in determining whether a chemical compound present or released from any packaging material poses a systemic toxic, genotoxic, carcinogenic, reproductive or developmental toxicological risk.

The studies help customers aim to mitigate any possible risk at early product development stages and help in prevention of any future hazards from its cue. The Toxicological Risk Assessments studies also provide details about exposure considerations, and risks associated with potential misuse of the product. Our study designs are customized to meet your specific requirements, while ensuring that they comply with regulatory guidelines and standards.