In Vitro/In Vivo Toxicology Testing Services

In Vitro toxicological testing offers an alternative to animal studies during testing of cosmetics and personal care products and has gained prominence. At VIMTA, we offer in vitro toxicological testing services for dermal irritation, ocular irritation, skin corrosion and other adverse effects.

VIMTA offers a complete range of standard in vivo toxicology studies designed for supporting submissions to various regulatory agencies. Equipped with multiple test species including Beagle dogs and Mini pigs, our studies are closely supervised by the Study Directors who have a vast experience of performing more than 500 GLP studies for domestic and international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies along with assessing toxicological impact of home and personal care products. This not only results in delivery of high quality data accompanied with proper interpretation, but ensures that each aspect of your study is thoroughly reviewed and reported.