Molecular Biology

  • State-of-the-art instruments and laboratory design at VIMTA
  • Provides a wide range of diagnostic assays for infectious markers and non infectious disease diagnosis and monitoring like cancer markers
  • Team comprises of experienced PhD from reputed institutes and postgraduates in biotechnology and microbiology, headed by a Clinical Microbiologist. Meaningful diagnostic reports with holistic approach towards patient, taking into account all laboratory parameters and clinical picture
  • Provides both prognostic and diagnostic markers for diseases like HIV, HBV, HCV and AML, Ankylosing spodylitis and cervical cancer to name a few using well characterized and validated equipment and reagents
    • TB
    • HSV
    • CMV etc.


  • Molecular Mycobacteriology
  • Direct Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection by real-time PCR:
  • Real-time PCR for detection of M. tuberculosis complex and Non tuberculous mycobacteria targeting IS6110 and 16S rRNA gene, performed on clinical specimens. Automated extraction systems for extraction of mycobacterial DNA rather than genomic DNA that increases sensitivity. All samples subjected to homogenization and decontamination by standard procedures. All pulmonary samples additionally subjected to culture to increase specificity sensitivity of test
  • Direct detection of Mycobacteria and MDR and XDR detection by PCR: Genotypic susceptibility testing for Rifampicin and Isoniazid as well as fluoroquinolone and injectable drugs, performed by line probe assay. Assay for direct detection of Mycobacteria and their resistance to Rifampicin and Isoniazid from clinical samples by PCR followed by reverse hybridization
  • ¬†Molecular Microbiology: Quantitation of blood borne pathogens (HIV, HBV and HCV). State of the art equipment for quantitation of infectious viruses using CE / IVD marked kits for monitoring of antiviral treatment. Kits validated at lab for sensitivity, accuracy, etc.. Detection of HLA B27, Factor V- Leiden mutation, Jak 2 mutation, BCR ABL quantitation, HCV Genotyping