Histopathology / Cytopathology

  • Run by highly experienced and expert qualified team of Pathologists and technical staff
  • Equipped with tissue processing automation, Microtomy, embedding station, Cytocentrifuge, LBC system
  • Robust quality assurance system in place for H&E section, all Histochemistry stain, PAP stain and Immunohistochemistry staining that scores excellent in the national EQAS system as well as CAP PT programs
  • Identifying robust quality indicators and implementing CAP universal protocols in all oncopathological specimen reporting
  • Extended panels and IHC antibody markers available for diagnosis and prognosis of the cases, especially oncology
  • Available consultation for any cases
  • Interpretation and consultations enabling best diagnosis and treatment approach by Pathologist. Most cases reviewed by more than one pathologist to provide expert opinion