Monitoring & Testing Services

As businesses transition and evolve to adapt sustainable practices, it is essential to analyse and quantify the impact of current business practices so as to decide an appropriate course of action. Monitoring for environmental impact is also essential to mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

At VIMTA, we offer most comprehensive portfolio of Monitoring and Testing services. Our offerings include:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Post-Project Environmental Monitoring for air, water, emission, noise, solid waste, hazardous waste, sludge, soil etc.
  • Waste Characterization and Emission Monitoring during co-processing of waste materials in cement kiln, incinerators, power plants & steel plants.
  • Offshore Monitoring Services – Marine Pollution Testing Services
  • Chemical Analysis & Monitoring of gaseous and physical parameters for Boiler/Turbine efficiency, retrofitting studies
  • Monitoring of gaseous & other physical/mechanical parameters for feasibility study as well as designing of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) technologies & performance verification.
  • Real time monitoring of gaseous parameters like emission monitoring of O2, CO2, CO NOx (NO & NO2) & SO2 etc.
  • Audit/Calibration and Validation study of particulate matter & Gaseous Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)
  • Verification and performance study of existing dust and gaseous control device as Ammonia dosing, bag filters, Venturi scrubber etc.
  • In-house Sampling & analysis facility for Dioxin, Furans, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Semi-volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC), PAH, Mercaptans etc in air and emission monitoring.
  • Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality & Work Zone Air Quality Monitoring