Clinical endpoint and patient based PK studies

VIMTA is a one-stop-solution for comparative or equivalence studies for pharma, biotech or nutraceuticals products. In addition to Pharmacokinetic testing, Pharmacodynamic testing and In-vitro BE testing, we also offer reliable patient-based clinical end point and PK studies.

Since all drugs have associated safety risks, the drug is of use to the patient only if the benefits far outweigh the associated risks. The primary end point is usually a measure of something that is relevant to the patient and measures how a patient feels, functions or survives with usage of the drug.  The clinical end point studies evaluate the clinical effect of the drug in the chosen population in accordance with the defined protocol and objective of study and are customarily the basis of approval of new drugs.

AT VIMTA, we have skills and experience in offering patient-based clinical end point and PK studies with

  • Subject driven support from the medical Doctors
  • Technical and functional support
  • Primary medical care
  • Staff engagement
  • Design and data analysis
  • Time management