505(b)-2 Drug Repurposing Program

Though new drug discovery and development involves a significant amount of time and resources, changes in external environment may sometime warrant the need to fast-track the entire process. Drug repurposing is one such approach that helps to accelerate the drug discovery process through the identification of novel therapeutic use for an existing drug. This essentially involves translating existing research findings into new candidate therapies through use of computational techniques and contemporary repurposing tools.

Our team at VIMTA is passionate about supporting emerging business and scientific strategies for making new, enhanced and differentiated therapeutic benefits a reality.

Our strategy relies on published literature, existing risk-benefit profiles and opportunities to run parallel studies for building and executing a robust nonclinical program that helps in reducing the short term and long term costs. In the nonclinical stage, we identify suitable studies for demonstrating safety and efficacy thus abridging the process of the new product development. Our service offerings include:

  • Strategic Planning and Scientific Rationale Establishment
  • Bridging Studies Design
  • Scientifically driven Rationale Achievement for 505 B2 filing