QC Testing for Batch Release

The Batch Release testing is a mandatory requirement to ensure that pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals comply with defined quality standards before they are released for sale, exports or supplies. During the Batch Release testing, the products are tested on several physical and chemical parameters, while ensuring that the products are produced complying with Good Manufacturing Practices.

We at VIMTA have performed contract analytical services for a wide variety of partners and have a long standing history of delivering regulatory compliant batch release testing for a large number of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) and finished products. Our state of the art instrumentation and wide range of analytical technologies ensures that the products meet the defined specifications within the Marketing Authorization or Clinical Trial Dossier, and are fully compliant with defined regulatory guidelines. We also help in integration of QC procedures with your production environment, and ensure that we offer a rapid turnaround time.